Monday, 9 July 2018

Can you manage with lesser Recruiter headcount

Think about the way Recruiters search for opportunities. They browse search engines, social media to find a perfect profile. For that, they do plan & then implement it. So, a few days back I was discussing with my colleague about a Recruiter Headcount, and why we haven’t implemented this in our organization before!
Then finally we decided to plan for a Recruiter headcount.
Yes, we can manage with lesser Recruiter Headcount,  especially Recruiters who are performing, are motivated, are constantly learning on their own.
In any recruitment company Headcount, planning and management across a team or an organization is not an easy process. In a competitive business landscape and challenging economy, HR leaders, managers, and little bit everyone else in a leadership position at an organization need to know that their talent, costs, and goals are aligned that’s where headcount planning comes in.

Recruitment companies probably already identified some of the ways their organization can benefit from taking headcount planning seriously. Headcount planning involves how to use the available headcounts with a valued position in reality.

Sometimes recruitment firms think like if more people will work together then the load will be divided equally. And one of the biggest fears of most of the recruitment & Staffing companies have is what if they let go off some people, and suddenly they get customer requests to deliver more mandates? What if my customer asks how many Recruiters you have and you cannot say you have many. It’s a time to prove your capacity to customers that you are a very lean but powerful team of Recruiters, who provides the best service. But Placement & Staffing companies must remember, quantity does the job – quality will produce output.
“A goal without a plan is just a wish “- To set a goal & Plan for growth isn’t just about how many recruiters you need and how many you can hire, but working for it is showing performance.
Build your headcount plan with your goals and budget in mind and behave according to execute it.

Simple steps to create & manage a recruiter’s headcount plan:-

Hiring the right candidate from the start.

Take Interviews of candidates carefully, not just to ensure they have the skills but also that they fit well with the company culture.

Setting the correct remuneration and advantages is important as well.

Evaluate your workforce, paying special attention to critical roles.

Pay attention to trends in the marketplace and hire the perfect HR who will update you.

Pay attention to employees’ personal needs and offer greater adaptability where you can.
Boost employees’ engagement by starting cultural activities
Appreciate employees from time to time and it will boost their confidence to work more efficiently and honestly.
Emails of acclaim towards the fulfillment of a project, month to month reminders laying out achievements of your team to the wider division, and companion acknowledgment projects are all approaches to inject some positive feedback into a workforce.

 A big thank you to the employee is good. To make it easier to identify accomplishments, ask your team for monthly updates of their achievements.

Take out a time for your employees and discuss with them about their work, ask them if they are satisfied and enjoying their work, in that way employees will always be honest, will work hard and it will help employees to achieve their individual as well as organizational goals.

Finally, as one additional way to stay on workforce planning, compliance, diversity, and management recruitment & staffing companies should focus on talent.
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