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Everyone must have thought at least once in their life that how lavish life they would like to lead when they become rich and famous. The designer clothes you will wear, the esteemed list of elite people you will meet, the glamorous parties you will be invited to.  Sounds like a dream. Doesn't it? But have you ever heard that there are experts in these areas who teach you how to dress, communicate and behave. These talented individuals are known as “IMAGE CONSULTANTS”

In my multi-domain professional journey I got the opportunity to meet many Image Consultants. Some of them were impressive, but the majority of them had a different concept of Image Consulting. In my opinion the strategies they suggested were just materialistic and focused more on changing the visual image of an individual which I think is not beneficial or correct for a longer span of time. I am not judging anyone here and neither underestimating the capability but just being logical enough to understand a particular theory. Many Corporate Personnel think that external changes are necessary once you are escalated to a position basically to give in the “first impression”. This is true but nobody talks about what happens after the First Impression. Is it easy to maintain the first look impression you have portrayed?

We are in the 21st
Century where you get professional advice for everything, even just to know which hairstyle would look best on you according to the occasion and the clothes you will be wearing. So have you ever thought of hiring someone who will be your professional guide on how to change your lifestyle? It’s just not about which clothes to wear; it’s about how to wear it. Yes, it is that minute and important if you are looking to make an impact and keen about the first impression and how to maintain it. From your hair strands to which color socks will you wear even if they won’t be seen for much time. This is a booming profession in today’s competitive market where everybody likes to put themselves on exhibition.

After the entire introduction about it, I have a different view on IMAGE CONSULTING or also known as Image Makeover as now-a-days it is more about the exterior changes and not the inner developments. For example, an individual can carry a good tuxedo only when he is confident and comfortable in it or else it is as same as it is in your wardrobe.

I would like to brief my idea of how Image Consulting should be with the help of some points:

Communication Skills:  We all know how disappointing and embarrassing it is when we see a famous personality struggling in replying to English reporters. Some of the past example of it would be Kangana Ranaut. A beautiful and talented Indian actress who was ridiculed for her poor command on the mentioned language. Recently, she has brushed up her English skills and the confidence shows up. You can notice the difference between her before & after ‘English’ interviews. You can’t just look pretty and don’t know what and when to talk. It makes you look disinteresting or rude. So, always start with communication skills when you think of ‘changing thy image’

Body Language: Ever heard of leaving an impression without opening your mouth. This is called Body Language. Image Consulting should have this as ‘to do’ activity in their syllabus as this defines if the person who will be changing your image is capable at his job or not. Body language speaks volumes about yourself and the kind of profile you handle without you talking about it. So even if you think that you are normal, still it needs polishing from a professional consultant with reasons

Etiquettes: This is a huge topic to cover actually as etiquettes are about everything. The way you talk, eat, walk, sleep etc. All this displays an individual’s etiquettes. An Image Consultant spends most of the time on this topic as manners are mostly highlighted when you are around people. The minutest things here cause a great difference and are highlighted especially if you are amongst the ‘elite’ people. It’s the toughest subject if you are an Image Consultant

An Image Consultant 

Visual Appearance:  This is garnishing on a dish or icing on the cake. It doesn’t guarantee that a dish will be great in taste or not but it sure can be a feast to your eyes. In this case, changing visual appearance of a person is very challenging for an Image Consultant as you need to turn a frog into a prince in many cases. Visual Appearance is very important but shouldn’t be on priority.


Now everything is set. The Image Makeover process has completed and you have successfully dominated all the flaws you had until now. So, what next? It is obvious you brought in the physical changes and improvements to show it to somebody. It can be anyone, from one person to an audience. You may be a CEo of a company or a Model/Actor. The basic reason you invited these changes in your lifestyle was to show somebody or putting it more bluntly to ‘show off’, but people won’t come to you and see these changes in you. You have to publish it through something or someone that you are now ready to go the next level of the competition. 

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  1. This is something i would like to get with . Image consulting has become the necessity of life , As being professional it is not only clothes of which you have to be enough concerned but also hidden factors like Gestures, presentation , language etc.