Thursday, 9 October 2014

Too Much Politeness will Kill You

Being Polite is always recommended by each and everybody. All of them are taught being polite with others, whether it’s school, relatives or your own family. But do they do teach you how to balance your politeness. The answer is No. They Don’t. This may have adverse effects on one’s character from childhood. They can become over polite and too nice to become a soft target for everybody in this mean and bad world. You need to balance out everything in life. Your Nature should be like a good cooked Biryani. Made up of variety of spices without one spice dominating the other. In each morsel you will be able to find the same taste you had in your first. So here are some signs to identify that are you the super polite one!

ODD MAN OUT In a meeting or a conference you wait for everyone else to sit, so that you  don’t seem to cause inconvenience for others and also not appear  presumptuous. This may feel like a wonderful gesture but it also may be  misunderstood as ‘one who stays off the circle’ and make you the odd man  out.


Being too polite can overshadow your real personality and can label you as a ‘boring and less interesting.’ It will kill the purpose of people trying to know you, thus making you an outcast and you will be remembered only when they want someone who can take bullets with a pretty smile


Do you find it difficult to say NO. People clearly understand your weakness and over power you by repeatedly forcing you to say Yes even if you say No to something. The Unfortunate part here, you surrender just within a few tries. So, if this matches then you are the one


Manipulating you must be like a walk in the park for your co-workers and friends. People start identifying that you can be influenced pretty easily and pile up work on you even if you have your hands full. This shows a poor image and people believe that walking on you is as easy as snapping fingers


You need to understand that in today’s mean and diplomatic world everyone believes that ‘nothing comes for free’. So, if you welcome each and every insult with a ear to ear smile you may pretty look creepy or an assassin. You can’t just be too nice for no reason and create a suspicion in minds of people around you. There is a bright chance that they may question your intentions. So understand, being too polite backfires in many situations

It is so obvious that your respect will go for a toss if you continuously score full marks at being overly nice and kind. Only one of your quality will be highlighted while the other attributes of your personality will never be unveiled

CTC (Costing the Company)

People who are too nice and sweet always get praised even behind their back due to their overwhelming nature but it doesn’t mean that they also look forward to your suggestions. You may think of consulting each and everybody before going ahead with any task and that completely eliminates the decision-making capability an individual should posses for further growth. 


 If you are into management only being too polite and nice is not an option. You need to have various character shades which should fit according and best to the situation arisen. Whenever there is a problematic situation for your employee they expect their superiors to take in charge and solve the problem being dynamic. If the leads are too polite the employee will instead avoid it by ignoring the issue or create a blunder by solving it on its own 


It may sound a bit different but the topic we are talking about today can also become a villain for your promotions even if you loads of truck-filled talent. It is simple, a business needs people who can handle a team and manage them in such a way that the given project or duty is perfectly executed. If you be too polite that creates a big question on your ambitions. A Organization will always look for aggressive employees who can take decisions and instruct fellow colleagues for the desired result, but your assignment will go for a complete toss if you aren’t strict enough with people and become Mr. Nice Guy


This is most challenging role of your life if you are too nice of a boss. Will elaborate on this with some sub points. These are particularly “DON’Ts” for a polite boss

Do not become a Messiah for the Non-Worker: 
Don’t become a savior of employees who are underperforming. If you are following this then you are being unfair to the other fellow workers in your company. Further, it can make a ugly scene of the boss getting accused of being biased and favoritism and your politeness wont defend you in this case.

Gender Blunder: 
It is very obvious that a polite boss will be super polite for the female staff as Chivalry is still alive. A line is to be drawn between the boss and the all the employees irrelevant of the gender. You can’t become one of the “Gang Member” as you need to shorten your appearance for having a good effect and also so that the team takes your orders seriously.

Don’t become Mr. Fix It
The polite boss can anytime turn into an overworked boss. You should avoid doing all the work as there is a reason you are the Boss and you have hired people working for you. Stop taking all of the responsibilities only because it wasn’t properly assigned by someone else

There are advantages and disadvantages to being nice. When it comes to workplace ethics though it is far better for a person who is assertive and aggressive to be in charge of how the company runs than a person who is too nice.