Monday, 22 September 2014


The saying “The Only Constant Thing is Change” also implies on your professional life. The saddest part of life is that when it is changed it doesn’t prompt you with a message like “Do you want to save changes”? It would have been so convenient! Right?

Unfortunately that’s only in fantasy and in practical life you need to be smart, clever and honest with whatever you do and whoever you deal. You can’t keep a temporary relation with people you spend your whole active day with. If you haven’t guessed it I am talking about people from your workplace. I started this topic with the word “Change” as you change your job due to several reasons but can’t undo the changes you have done in the past. So you need to maintain a congenial relationship with the company and the management even if you are quitting the job.

Whenever you decide to quit a job, never behave like you getting freedom from a place you never going to return. Your previous company is like an attachment to your life. It will always show-up on your resume and your skills and capabilities will get verified only through your previous companies for any kind of job you are looking for. So whenever you are quitting the current position, choose your words wisely
So, let’s make a checklist on ‘THINGS NOT TO SAY WHEN YOU QUIT A JOB’

This is my last day:
Remember, when you play a game for days n days on your gaming device but suddenly quit it due to boredom. That thing doesn’t work in professionalism. You need to be fair and give your company a suitable time to find a replacement for you so the company’s routine is not disturbed and everybody is happy. Instead, interact more with your management and colleagues leaving the company on a good note.

The Management here is bad:
This is a negative statement and it directly puts you and your company in a bad spot as management is like two sides of a coin. It co-relates on the manager-employee relationship

I was never appreciated:
You were getting a paycheck and that was your appreciation. If only you were getting de-motivated by your boss then that’s a different issue but if you were looking for special treatment like announcing and praising you in front of the team or pats on your back, then you should have discussed that earlier. Appreciation is not necessary to be mentioned when you present, always keep that in mind

The thing wrong with this profile is….:
Hold your horses and stop acting like a donkey! You are quitting the job but that doesn’t certify you to become a designation critic or a free advisor. Just thank your boss for the opportunity he/she gave you and found you eligible for the post

This company is going nowhere:
This and relevant statements like these are actually classified as ‘nasty’. It is like you had a great time on the ship and now running away when it began to sink. Just have a contrast approach and wish all the success to the company in the future. This makes a good lasting impression instead of a frown on the face of your employer whenever your name is mentioned after you have gone.

To be honest I know that every employee who leaves the company gets diplomatic and becomes ‘politically correct’ about their answers. You just need to remember ‘Never say Never’ as you don’t know at which point of your life you need your company to be referenced or you may also need to join it again so always be good enough and don’t burn the bridges.

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