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The tallest buildings start with a single brick; it doesn’t matter how you started, it matters where you reach

 There are words which you like to use while having a conversation and then there are words that inspire you. The word that motivates me a lot is FEELING. If you feel your love, you can speak to your lover at any distance. If you feel your job you will enjoy it. I take pride in saying I feel my business. I am founder of

An Entrepreneur by profession and a start-up specialist with expertise in set-up , Branding, Business Consulting and Software Development & services company. Successful execution of business strategies for cost cutting and efficiencies improvements & meets business objectives.
As a Solution Delivery Manager, I coordinate the full project delivery cycle from project bid preparation, specification capture, software delivery, deployment, acceptance, cut-over, employee management & operation.

Ambitious, operations and services professional with decade of experience in the higher technology 
sector. Skilled in Project Management, Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Human Resource and Operations. Experienced in efficiency and process improvement, team building with strong communications, financial, business development, organizational and interpersonal skills with a vision to continually improve operations thus resulting in cost savings.

I am more of an Inspiration hunter. I get inspired from everywhere possible. It maybe my employees, competitors, customers or door to door salesmen. This gives me a positive approach towards the work I do. It’s like I go through a learning phase everyday to bring a better outcome of my work. I have a desire to learn new things and meet new people professionally or personally. 
As a serial Entrepreneur interactions and conversing with new individuals is a daily activity and also like having heart to heart talk with them. Being Innovative keeps me motivated and makes strive for new developments

Blogging started more of like a personal diary but now it is my passion. I feel relaxed while blogging and letting my heart out on various topics. Response is always welcome be it constructive criticism, appreciation or just a dislike.  You can also get in touch with me if there are any innovative & unique opportunities across all the industries.

Education: MBA & MCA

What do I have to offer (Haves): 
Branding & Digital Marketing
Crisis & Image Management
Business Consulting
Product Development & Project Consulting
HR & Staffing Consulting

What do I seek (Wants):  Networking & Business.

Contact Info:  Email:

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