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The term business basically means trading. A businessman may trade anything be it products, services or both. Generally it is believed that a business excels depended on the quality of products or services offered by the businessman, but there is a back-story to it. A business is always flourished with collective effort of a team behind it. The establishment of any business is depended on the combination of employer and employee. Organizing these correlations is important to business success, as secured correlations can lead to employee satisfaction and also increase productivity.


To gain these benefits, always keep the dynamics of an employer and employee in the bigger picture. There are obviously rules in this relationship like every other; the basic one is having mutual respect for each other. Respecting each other gives a positive start to an alliance and as they say if the start is good half the battle is won.
Successful connections between the two (employer and employee) involve by having balanced mutual interests. From the employer's point of view, industrial relations is about having the right to manage - the capability to plan for the future so that a company can continue to be a success, to make profits for its shareholders and to keep its employees motivated. From the employee's point of view, it is all about securing the best possible conditions and living standards for him and fellow employees.

In this post too we come to know how vital is the word feeling and also that it has an impact on both sides of the table. The ‘feeling’ takes part in diverting your mind from negative to positive. If the feeling is positive then you can crop out best things even from the worst situations. Positive feeling helps in managing employees and their issues. It gives you a better understanding of their situation which helps in resolving it in a lot better way. If both the employer and employee have the mutual feeling there will be no need to give or take orders. All the operations will be done voluntarily and efficiently from each one of them which in result will be fruitful for the company. So believe in this word ‘feeling’ and see wonders happening to you professionally and personally


The definition of an accurate relationship between an employer and employee varies at different workplaces and from company to company. There are limitations in almost all companies which are necessary at times. Professionally it is not recommended to develop personal or romantic relationships between employers and employees. Both the parties should take care of not going into the personal zone of a particular colleague which gives a wrong signal to the rest of them. This leads to doubts regarding being biased and unfair within the workplace disturbing the complete professional environment.

The above words are nothing but my experience at places I have worked. I have been in situations where I had to take the initiative to change the dynamics between the management and employees; it was not a cakewalk but was definitely a satisfying result for the prospect of the business and people associated with it. This is just an excerpt from the professional journey I have been through till now. In coming days will share more of my occurrences and keep you updated about Business, Technology & Life

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